Portifolio / SISREEFER
  • Refrigerated Container System (SISREEFER ) was designed to manage the entire repair and maintenance process in refrigerated container machinery. The system is prepared to work with the part number of the manufacturers (Carrier, Thermo King, Daikin and Star Cool), which facilitates the integration of the inspection with the Shipowners' system. In addition to the computer module, there is the mobile module, which can be used with portable terminals providing great flexibility to the management process of this Industry type. SISREEFER can also be integrated with existing systems, such as ERP, inventory controls, financials among others, and can be integrated directly into the systems or via EDI.

  • Customer Registration

    In Client management, there are specific configuration parameters for each client, such as: man-hour value, exchange rate and the services contracted by the client.

  • Part Number Registration

    The Part Number register is divided by Shipowners, that is, the same Part Number can have unique calculation parameters for each Shipowner. Besides, the same Part Number can be sent on EDI with different codes, according to the Shipowner's requirement.

  • Multiple PTI screen

    This module allows the PTI service to be registered for multiple containers at the same time, generating estimates for each one.

  • Multiple Authorization

    This screen lists all the containers of a Specific shipowner who waits for authorization, so the User can select which equipment is already authorized repairment. In this way, the system will change the Status of all who have been selected to Authorized Failure.

  • Manual EDI Generation

    The system has a module for sending EDI messages to Shipowners. If necessary, an EDI message can be generated manually by passing a specific period as a parameter.

  • Data Import from Spreadsheets

    It is common in the equipment management segment to exchange information through Excel spreadsheets. The system is prepared to read some spreadsheets used by the shipowners, in addition to importing the Price List of the main manufacturers.

  • Registration of Estimates

    The estimation entry module will be based on customer records and the Price List to automatically calculate the values of the services informed. It is possible to report parts and services on a single screen. Both prices will be part of the same estimate, for later sending to the shipowner via EDI.

  • Photos

    The photo module allows for the orderly management of photos, as they can be taken directly at the Smartphone, Tablets or RDT handheld. In this case, the system already records the photos in a structured way and associated with their respective container. The photos can be sent to a repository on the internal network, via WiFi, or directly attached to a PC.

  • SISREEFER mobile

    The SISREEFER mobile module was developed to run on Smartphones, Tablets or  RDT handheld that uses Android operating systems. This module includes both the PTI services, as well as the inspection part with damage input, in addition to offering machinery status consulting and also, changing it if necessary. The system is prepared for connections via WiFi or via GSM, and any update made in RDT reflects in real-time for the desktop module and vice versa.

    The great advantage of this module is the speed it gives to the process, as it avoids errors in the estimates input as it has predetermined rules to validate the information.