• Fassina Soluções Logísticas em Comércio Exterior
    "The SISTER system has a very optimized and easy-to-understand layout, which is ideal for our operations. We also had a great optimization of internal processes by reducing time for each operation. There was also a decrease in operational errors, which reduces the rework of the Administrative team. It considerably increased the Operational Efficiency of the Terminal, where through the reports provided by the System, we created Operational Strategies to apply in daily tasks, thus obtaining a better result, guaranteeing Customer satisfaction."
    Leonardo Fernandes
    Director General
    "The eProfessionalTI system is easy to handle. It is complete in all aspects related to Depot Management. It allows us to perform a macro operational analysis of all movements/status of containers, with complete and accurate information. It is the best system for Depots."
  • REALREEFER - Andrade & Santos Locação de Módulos e importação LTDA
    Nikolas Guilbor Grimes
    "EProfessionalTi's systems are state-of-the-art, guaranteeing greater control and reliability in all our Containers and Gensets operations. The variety of products is an enormous differential for our operations. Since we started using the tools, we have enhanced our operational and fleet control, identifying precisely which equipment is in use conditions and which one needs maintenance. We can better measure maintenance costs and the most recurrent types of damages. We can show our customers the damage that results from their operations, thus reducing repair costs. On the rental side, we have high control over contracts, whether they are active or inactive, where we can track their entire track records that provides us with excellent control through reports, which give us a capacity for differentiated analysis."
    Virgílio Costa
    General Manager - Bahia
    "The best definition of eProfessionalTI products is time optimization, agility in processes, and great credibility. The extraordinary discrepancy of products is the System's practicality; and the entire team involved in meeting our demands; with agility and commitment. EProfessionalTI is a company in which professionals know what they are doing in our Logistics segment. Therefore, their work line is extremely assertive about needs. It is without exception aiming to facilitating our operations and minimizing rework."
    Monique Lopes
    General Supervisor
    "There was a strong need for our company to provide a product that met all the system details of our customers until we met EprofessionalTI. The system is fully complete, easy to interact with users, and recognized by our customers. The company EprofessionalTI is always in constant update, following the market fads and bringing these positive changes to our customers. We have a direct connection with the analysts, which greatly facilitates the service and makes any necessary changes so that the system remains complete and adequate to our demands."
    Anderson Coimbra
    General Manager
    "The eProfessionalTI system is innovative in our industry, being the most complete on the market. I have experience with other Systems, and I claim it to be the most complete and efficient of all. There is also the facility to have everything "in the palm of our hands" with the application for mobile phones, carrying out all Management and Control with greater agility and security, thus serving our Customers more efficiently. The immense benefit that this system has brought us was the agility in all processes. We were able to reduce the time spent on our principal customer, who is the truck driver inside the Terminal, reducing to an average of just 12 minutes. We also received very positive feedback from drivers and carriers because our System Provider (eProfessionalTi) makes available an Android Application that has helped them."
    Emerson Firmino
    Administrative Assistant
    "The software offered by eProfessionalTi is very objective and exceptional in its usability. After starting using the systems, we could also notice other positive points: the agility in the processes that the system brings, enormous ease of access to the Reports, and also the Operational APP, which is 100% functional and practical. It is also worth noting the quality of the Website makes it possible for our customers: to schedule Export Booking, Import Scheduling Consultations, and Container Query, as well as reefer monitoring all of these, contributes to our Depot becoming a reference in its processes, because, with the technology offered by EProfessionalTI, we have further optimized our daily routines."
  • DM7Gestão
    Daniel D. Malta
    Managing Director
    "The eProfessionalTI system brought a broader and more complete view of everything we need in a Container Terminal. In 2013, when I was still at the ATM, we acquired the SISTER module and, later, the SISREEFER. Both with excellent performance. The eProfessionalTI company has a flexible platform that effectively meets customer needs. It has a wonderful intuitive and modern technology. I recommend it!"