Portifolio / eTracking
  • Will you receive or return your empty import container?
    Do not leave your Gate or carrier stopped for lack of information. Streamline the process by getting information quickly with eTracking.

  • Integrating Information

    What is eTracking?
    eTracking is a data search system containing information regarding the return of empty containers of import.

    What is the purpose of eTracking?
    It is to generate information that serves as a tool for:

    * The operational management of the Deposits in verifying documentation in the pre-gate of the return of the import empties. Validated information: ISO of the container, Carrier, Vessel, Travel, Importer, Bill of Lading, POL “Port of loading”, POD “Port of discharge”.
    * Assist the carriers in filling the returning empty documents.

    What integrates with eTracking?
    The tool is integrated with eProfessionalTi and also with SISCARGA (Brazilian Customs System). There is the possibility of integration with the Depot and Carrier systems through the simple Copy and Paste command or throughout the WebService message.

  • How can I access eTracking?

    Three resources can be used to obtain eTracking information:

    * Browser: Access through the shortcut;

    * App: Downloading eTrancking on your PC at
    P.S.: There is no need for installation, just an Internet connection.

    * Version for Smartphone (Android): Download the app from the Play Store
    Note: Internet connection is required.

  • App Facilities

    The eTracking Application version allows the user to enter the container number at any time, submitting the search for information. However, eTracking has the feature that permits you to copy the container identification automatically regardless of its shape (with space, dash, dot, other graphic signs). The number is standardized and then submitted to the information query.
    The capture (copy) of the identification can be done in the most popular formats on the market, such as Excel spreadsheets, e-mails (Outlook), text files, and Word.
    ETracking has a feature called: Always Visible, which allows the user to work in other applications while waiting for a new number of containers to be captured and submitted to query.

    - Reliability
    - Safety
    - Agility
    - Practicality