Portifolio / SISMO
  • What is SISMO?

    It is a system for managing and monitoring full Reefer Units by recording temperatures (Supply and Return). It records alarms and automatically opens work orders to the reefer service. It has a monitoring graphic for temperature variation. Informative panel with the yard inventory and control of alarm occurrence. Use of RDT Handhelds or PDA for data registering, using technologies over WiFi or 3G. Availability of information on the Web with restricted access through username and password.

  • Record of Temperatures

    You can monitor Registration via mobile device:

    What type of mobile device is uses monitoring?
    There are Smartphones, tablets with WiFi or 3G connection.

    Is the monitoring record only for Supply?
    You can record Supply and Return as well.

    Is it possible to register alarms at the moment of movement?
    Yes, it is possible. When registering the error code visible on the container panel, the system will automatically send an informational email to the registered Reefer Service. It will also show on the control panel of the unit with an activated alarm.

  • Temperature and Alarm Monitoring Panel

    The panel aims to inform the monitoring center. It shows the monitored units are and the ones, which need pending monitoring. It is possible to view in real-time which Units are active in critical level Reefer Service takes into action. It will also be possible to view and measure the daily productivity of measurements performed and pending.

    Power On/Off
    Location in the yard

  • SmartPhone / RDT Handheld (Monitoring / Alarms)

    SISMO system contemplates the use of smartphones or RDT’s to record monitoring via WiFi or 3G. The data will be validated and recorded in real-time and also used to record alarms.
    The Supply Temperature Register will have as one of its goals inform the temperatures if they are not woking accordingly with the booking data or B/L, and especially the registered product alongside the container.