NOTÍCIAS / eProfessionalTI solution stands out in customer service
  • eProfessionalTI solution stands out in customer service

    São Paulo (SP) – Communication between sectors within the industry, in many cases, goes through unnecessary paths, prolonging the time of operations that could be resolved quickly. And companies that handle containers and perform their repair also go through this kind of problem even today.
    eProfessional, a company that aims to create alternatives for process control and automation in port terminals, aiming to optimize the process, implemented a fast and intuitive service platform so that its customers can clarify doubts and solve problems.
    According to Daniel de Azevedo, systems analyst and one of the project's creators, some points differentiate eProfessional's solution compared to the options that most companies offer. "It is not only something scripted, because it has the care of people who are directly involved in the development of platforms. This kind of approach has helped our clients a lot, after all the doubts are clarified by professionals who, in fact, understand what they are talking about", he says.

    Filipe Mol, Process Analyst and responsible for the Customer Relationship sector, has been part of the eProfessional team for more than 2 years, but worked for 10 years in container terminals. With experience both in the development of the solution and in the field of activity for which it is destined, the professional has greater facility to understand the doubts of customers. "I've been on the other side for a long time, so I know the processes thoroughly. In many cases the customer cannot explain exactly what is happening, but I know what they need and how to transpose it to analysts and the IT sector responsible for development," he points out.
    Kenny Rocha operates in the IT area and is responsible for training on the company's platform, in addition to actively contributing to customer support. "Knowing the system is extremely important, and we try to do it as clearly as possible. If necessary, we hold more than one training session so that the entire team of the organization knows how to operate and access all the functionalities and benefits that the platform offers", he reveals.
    For Sidnei Silva, desktop developer and collection manager at eProfessional, the solution created by the company is innovative. "Nowadays, most companies lack this type of helpline. We are just against this, making customers safer and with the certainty that they are being served by professionals who know what they are dealing with", he concludes.

    Currently, eProfessional has a diversified customer base, including Container Terminals, Carriers and Shipowners, operating in several port terminals in Brazil and Latin America.