NOTÍCIAS / Rio Grande container terminal manager adopts eProfessionalTI solution
  • Rio Grande container terminal manager adopts eProfessionalTI solution

    São Paulo, April 18rd, 2022 – eProfessionalTI, a software developer for the management of empty container terminals, celebrated one more commercial deal. This time with CTIL – Cranston Transportes Integrados. The company, headquarted in Rio Grande (RS), decided to bet on innovation and from now on is a user of SISTER system. The main idea is to have greater performance to handle more volume of empty container entry and exit faster, maximizing productivity with low cost and high efficiency operation.
    According to Luiz Carlos dos Santos, eProfessionalTI Project Development director, as the company expands its customer base in the South region of the country with this agreement, it is an opportunity to also optimize terminal operation systems in all regions of Brazil. "This is a region that has an important port that acts as a gateway to the world," he said.
    Solutions that bring more efficiency to terminal operations, gate services, survey and repairs, are offered by eProfessionalTI's SISTER system. "Implementing the solution means offering greater support for managing produced data, including in real time. This information may be collected through mobile applications, processed and provided on web platforms. Another point that deserves to be highlighted is in relation to the automation of surveys, structure repair workshop, PTI services (containers reefers) with the use of mobile applications with productivity indicators for decision making", highlights Luiz.
    The director stresses that this partnership with CTIL is evidence that eProfessionalTI's work area is in full expansion. "We will implement a successful terminal operating system. Constant trade cooperation will be continued," he concludes.
    CTIL - Cranston Transportes Integrados is a pioneer in the implementation of a terminal of containers in the Rio Grande port (RS), enjoying a great capacity of service and covering most of the services needed by the sector. In addition, the company has a team specialized in container repairs, they can be Standard IICL or in service, with the most modern repair equipment, giving greater precision in the repairs of the units for shipowners, importers and exporters.