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  • The richest man in the world

    Someone asked the richest man in the world, Bill Gates, "Is there anyone richer than you in the world?" Bill Gates replied, "Yes, there is one person who is richer than me." Then he told a story. It was during the time when I wasn't rich or famous. I was at the New York airport when I saw a newspaper salesman. I wanted to buy a newspaper, and by having it in my hands I found I didn't have enough coins. So, I put aside the idea of buying and gave the paper back to the seller. I told him I didn't have the coins. The salesman said, "I'm giving you this for free." At your insistence, I took the paper. Incidentally, after 2 to 3 MONTHS, I landed at the same airport and again I was missing coins to buy a newspaper. The salesman offered me the paper for free again. I refused and told him I couldn't accept it because on that occasion I didn't have any sums either. He said, "You can take it, I'm sharing this from my winnings, I won't be losing." I got the paper. After 19 years I became famous and known to people. All of a sudden, I remembered this salesman. I started looking for it and after about 1 month and a half of searching I found him. I asked him, "Do you know me?" He said, "Yes, you're Bill Gates." I asked him again, "Remember when you gave me the free paper?" The salesman said, "Yes, I remember, I gave it to you twice." I told him "I want to pay for the help you gave me these twice. Whatever you want in your life, tell me, I give it to you." The salesman said, "Mr. Bill Gates, believe me, you know that by doing it, you can't match my help, right?" I asked why?" He said, "I helped you when I was a poor newspaper salesman and now, you're trying to help me when you became the richest man in the world. How can your help match mine?" That day, I realized that the newspaper salesman was richer than me, because he didn't expect to become rich to help someone. People need to understand that the truly rich are those who have a rich heart rather than a lot of money. It's really important to have a rich heart to help others. It is very easy to give when we are left, the difficult is to give, still without having much to give.