NOTÍCIAS / Imbituba Port performs best January in its history
  • Imbituba Port performs best January in its history

    The Imbituba Port moved 671,700 tons in January, the largest volume for the first month of the year in the port complex of southern Santa Catarina. Compared to January 2021 operations, this year starts with a 64.8% increase in the busy tonnage. A total of 26 ships were serviced, a growth of 30%.

    "This movement is doubly historical for the Imbituba Port, because, in addition to a new record for January, the volume assumes the fourth best monthly operating result of the Imbituba port complex, increasingly solidifying the excellent trajectory of the local port community in meeting society and needs of the logistics chain. Another proof of this is the achievement of this excellent result in a month that, in recent years, has achieved a relatively smaller movement compared to the other months", says Fábio Riera, Porto de Imbituba SCPAR CEO.

    The month's closing ratified the leadership of solid bulk in port movement in Imbituba with 517,900 tons, an increase of 63% over the same period of the previous year. Also, notepoint for general cargo operations, which rose 189.8%, and containers, which showed a positive variation of 43.4% TEUs.

    The products with the highest movement were petroleum coking (calcined and non-calcined), fertilizers (urea, MAP and potassium chloride) and containers, followed by iron ore and wheat. There were also salt, timber, steel products, soybean meal, barley and cellulose operations.

    Foreign trade accounted for about 90% of operations in the period, with a predominance of imports (46.6% of total) on exports (42%). The significant increase in cargo shipments to the international market, mainly coquet loading, contributed to balance the balance between shipments and disembarkations at the port compared to January 2021. Cabotage navigation between Brazilian ports guaranteed an 11.4% share of operations in Imbituba.

    For February, the port authority's forecast is that the port will maintain the monthly growth curve and move around 470,000 tons.