NOTÍCIAS / Terminal 4.0: technological innovation and processes automation
  • Terminal 4.0: technological innovation and processes automation

    In the logistics segment stands out who offers state-of-the-art solutions that provide agility, process automation, quality in services, and cost reductions. eProfessional Tecnologia da Informação, which operates in systems development related to foreign trade logistics, has been constantly working to bring news to benefit the entire cargo transport chain.
    The developer, who had already innovated the market 3 years ago, with the launch of Sister Operational app, application module of empty container terminals management (SISTER), has just released an update with the connectivity functionality with Bluetooth printers making the processes even more operationally dynamic, enabling the printing of voucher receipts, release, and estimates, which facilitates, especially, the truck driver’s job, since the return of empty containers, SISTER already generates a pre-registration of the truck, facilitates the inspection and generates the EER impression - Equipment Exchange Receipt for the container and vehicle identification.

    According to Daniel Figueiredo, eProfessionalTI project analyst, the Sister Operational app advantage is the total process automation, real-time operation data, and the fast, low-cost copy issuance to the empty container terminal.
    Daniel Figueiredo points out that the app has several features that reduce operational time and mitigate rework in operations. Among these features, some can be highlighted, such as structure inspection of containers receipt, shipment segregation, receipt, release, unloading of empty containers, shipment, entry, and exit of workshop and inventory. These features accelerate and ensure greater efficiency of all processes and all system controls in the palm of your hand.
    He also points out that eProfessionalTI's systems have an immense range of customizations that aim to meet the specificities of each depot, seeking to automate processes, quality in services, and cost reductions.

    About eProfessionalTI

    Founded in 2003, eProfessional Tecnologia da Informação aims to develop the best solutions in software for process management, meeting all the systemic needs of this segment. The company offers innovation because it can adapt to processes and projects, meeting the existing needs in port terminals, containers warehouses, and bonded warehouses. For more information, visit Instagram @eprofessionalti or LinkedIn eprofessional-ti
    Today the company operates in the bases of Manaus (AM), Barcarena (PA), Cascavel (PR), Fortaleza (CE), Itaguaí (RJ), Itajaí (SC), Itapoá (SC), Ortigueira (PR), Paranaguá (PR), Porto Velho (RO), Rio Grande (RS), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Salvador (BA), Santos (SP), Sepetiba (RJ), Suape (PE), Vitória (ES), and briefly in Imbituba (SC).
    The company offers solutions for managing various types of processes, among which we can highlight:

    • SISTER - System for empty container terminals management, whose purpose is to manage all processes involving this type of business.
    • SISMO - System for monitoring and recording of temperatures and alarms;
    • eTracking - Controls the contracting and return of containers at the end of the entire export process;
    • Sisreefer - Reefer Container System, designed to manage the entire repair and maintenance process in refrigerated container machinery.