NOTÍCIAS / eProfessionalTI joins TradeLens-USA network
  • eProfessionalTI joins TradeLens-USA network

    eProfessional Tecnologia da Informação, a company that operates in the systems development related to foreign trade logistics, is officially part of the TradeLens network, one of the largest global platforms for digitizing supply chains and facilitating trade.
    This partnership will support the secure and continuous sharing of real-time logistics information, making the process of empty container deposits integrated into a global network that is structured in blockchain technology. As a fundamental part of the supply chain, this integration will enable the container to be monitored from the origin exit or to the return to destination. "The goal of this partnership is to bring to the market an easy and standard integration solution to provide more visibility to the customer," said Luiz Carlos dos Santos, project development director at eProfessionalTI.

    One of the main highlights of eProfessionalTI's platform is the automated, integrated tool that does all the information processing such as container data, truck, date and time of departure of the carrier until arrival at the container terminal. It records and transmits this data to the TradeLens platform, which will provide the tracking of maritime transport and its appropriate information.
    To further simplify it, this exchange of information is already offered as a standard in eProfessionalTI systems. For TradeLens users, end-to-end visibility, including the arrival and exit of empty containers, brings an enormous contribution to their operations. "In addition to improving visibility on the start or end of the journey, it allows monitoring the days since arrival or departure from the container, speeding up documentary processes with other modals involved in the transport chain," explains Luiz Carlos.
    According to the project development director, one of the functions of the application is precisely to promote the integration of information provided by exporters and carriers with the TradeLens system, which therefore integrates them with the data of large cargo carriers such as MAERSK, MSC, CMA/CGM, HAPAG LLOYD, ONE and ZIM. "With our solution, exporters and prominent importers from Brazil, for example, will be able to track the cargo until the delivery of the empty container back to the port," he explains.

    The eProfessional system has four modules:

    • SISTER - System for empty container terminals management, whose purpose is to manage all processes involving this type of business.
    • SISMO - System for monitoring and recording of temperatures and alarms;
    • eTracking - Controls the contracting and return of containers at the end of the entire export process;
    • Sisreefer - Reefer Container System, designed to manage the entire repair and maintenance process in refrigerated container machinery.

    As eProfessional is contracted by cargo terminals and ports, today the company operates in the bases of Manaus (AM), Barcarena (PA), Cascavel (PR), Rondonólopolis  (MT), Fortaleza  (CE), Itaguaí  (RJ), Itajaí  (SC), Itapoá  (SC), Ortigueira  (PR), Paranaguá (PR), Porto Velho (RO ), Rio Grande (RS), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Salvador (BA), Santos (SP), Sepetiba (RJ), Suape (PE), Vitória (ES), and briefly in Imbituba (SC).

    About eProfessionalTI
    Founded in 2003, eProfessional Tecnologia da Informação aims to develop the best solutions in software for process management, meeting all the systemic needs of this segment. The company offers innovation because it can adapt to processes and projects, meeting the existing necessities in port terminals, containers warehouses, and bonded warehouses. For more information, visit  Instagram  @eprofessionalti or LinkedIn eprofessional-ti

    About TradeLens
    The TradeLens platform was jointly developed by Maersk and IBM. TradeLens is an open and neutral industry platform supported by blockchain technology and supported by leading players in the global industry. The platform promotes efficient, transparent and secure information exchange to foster greater collaboration and trust throughout the global supply chain.