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    The story of Milton Santos, one of the greatest thinkers in the history of Brazil and the world!
    Son of a poor family of teachers, Milton excelled in his studies from an early age. After learning French and English by himself, he enrolled in law at the Federal University of Bahia. After completing the course, he entered the geography field. Between 1956 and 1958, Milton completed his doctorate at the University of Strasbourg.
    After his doctorate, he had a strong presence in academic life, in journalistic and political activities in Salvador. With the civil-military coup in 1964, Milton was arrested by the dictatorship and exiled by the National Security Law. He sought asylum in France, where he developed academic work and after invited to teach at Sorbonne University.

    He was also director of the Geography and Research sector. in Urban Planning at the Institut d'Étude du Développement Économique et Social, in Paris.
    Among the most important works by Milton Santos is the critique of globalization and its consequences in underdeveloped countries. Santos' work is essential for the spreading of the globalization concept around the world. In any academic work on the subject, passing through Milton's ideas is mandatory.
    Due to his work, he has received more than 100 awards from universities around the world. Including the Vautrin Lud Prize, considered the Nobel of Geography, being the only South American awarded in history.
    Milton Santos taught in prestigious universities in the world! He holds 15 Doctor Honoris Causa titles and is considered one of the great names in geography in the world.