NOTÍCIAS / Black Awareness Day
  • Black Awareness Day

    Black Awareness Day, or Zumbi Day, is celebrated on November 20th. It was created in 2003, but only in 2011, it was officially instituted nationally as a holiday in about 1,000 cities nationwide. The date honors Zumbi, the then leader of the Quilombo dos Palmares. Zumbi was from Pernambuco and was born free, but he was enslaved at the age of 6. Considered one of the notable black leaders in Brazil, he fought for the black people's freedom against slavery and died defending and fighting for his community and his people.

    Black Awareness Day is important because it brings us questions about racism, discrimination, the inclusion of black people in society, social equality, and several other debates. It is a date that refers to the fight of enslaved Africans and reinforces the importance of new struggles to make our society more egalitarian and fairer. Even though many changes have happened, prejudice against the black population continues to exist; consequently, dates like this one are relevant because fighting against racism needs to be present in everyone's life.