NOTÍCIAS / Fortaleza is the first city to declare itself pet friendly
  • Fortaleza is the first city to declare itself pet friendly

    The city of Fortaleza, in Ceará, became the first Brazilian city to declare itself pet friendly. With the measure, which has come into effect since September this year, establishments have started to adapt their structures to make it easier for tourists and residents to walk safely with their pets.

    The project is by the Tourism Secretariat of Fortaleza (Setfor) in partnership with the Support Service for Micro and Small Businesses of the State (Sebrae/CE) and the Special Coordination of Animal Protection. Establishments that are part of this system must receive the Fortaleza Pet-Friendly seal.

    The aim is to make it easier for tourists and residents of Fortaleza to take trips with their pets in public spaces. So far, 55 establishments are on the list of pet-friendly points, including 22 bars and restaurants, 17 beach huts, 10 hotels, and six shopping malls.

    How will pet-friendly measures work in Fortaleza?

    According to Secretary of Tourism Alexandre Pereira, before the stamps delivery, establishments receive general guidance on good practices related to the pet. In addition, the city hall, together with the Pet-Friendly University, Sebrae, and the Fortaleza School of Tourism, is promoting training courses for the care of pets.

    “These are webinars that address different aspects, from the importance of understanding the pet public to tips on how to act when something goes wrong and the presentation of cases. Training is not mandatory, but we intend to involve as many actors as possible”, points out the secretary.

    Measures and restrictions are the responsibility of each establishment. The secretary indicates that, in the case of hotels, it is usual to admit animals weighing up to 8 kg or 10 kg, but hunting or guard dogs be not accepted. "They separate an area where pets can circulate and, often, the rooms that receive pets are in a certain hall of the hotel."

    More than educating the hotel employees, Pereira says it is necessary that the tutor understands the measures and accepts them to ensure a comfortable environment for everyone.

    Pereira says that Fortaleza offers the best for tutors and their pets, as it is a city with many open environments. Therefore, it is very suitable for walks, renewing the air of both the tourist and their pet companions.